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Murat, Susan and your Hordes of SPAMMERS. fuck you bitches we don't want your filthy comments on our blog. We posted clearly that if you wanted link exchange you can contact the administrator (or  reply with your email to this post) and then we will contact you. we must be civilized people not act like Dogs (which love to lick their stinking asses).
Guess who i am

Unknown Lady- Nairobi City


Got this pic from one of our friends, he doesnt remember her name clearly but one thing he clearly remembers was she was unforgetfuly delicious despite chronic addiction to cigarette. enjoy

Addis Ababa Escapades 2


 Ethiopians just make me go gaga, look at this babe she's quite modestly speaking awesome. those curves are too good to be true. Good pussy too.  plus they charge around 1k(these are top end babes not zile zinazurura zurura nje  ya baa ya baba Othis)

Addis Ababa escapades


This Ethiopian babe gave her back all she could and she was a getter, so beautiful i would digg one in an instant. She is said to be a good licker too. Girl if you're reading this, i want you to know i want to put you in a porn film...We will make lots of money out of that cunt*

South sudanese babe,


Who said south suds arent beautiful, i think youll take that back as soon as you see this babe, details sketchy but my sources state that she works at a large ngo in south sudan. Sorry no nudes, coz she is a working class not a prostitute

Nelly, Tororo


Well in his pussy escapades while traveling to rwanda, Tony*(not his real name) met this babe in tororo just over the UG border, i love her shape its all good, just that her cunt has seen too much Dick'ing already Then again i noticed this bitch may have been a victim of cliteridectomy(i'm sorry if my english is rusty but that i think is female circumcision)

Unknown Erotica


I wish i had more of this babe, look at her curves, she's just perfect it makes me wanna get my animal on and mount her like a tout mounting an already full matatu(Box)